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Own a Piece of History
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The 30th Anniversary of the Opening of the Berlin Wall -- November 9, 2019

Extraordinarily  Large  Pieces  of  the  Berlin Wall
Mounted on a Walnut Plaque with a Brass Nameplate
The Ultimate Historic Collectors Item
The mounted pieces are on 8" x 6" walnut bases.
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See the main page for standard size $95.00 pieces, and the medium-sized page for larger pieces.

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lumpyred2.jpg (1331154 bytes)

BerlinWall2.jpg (87384 bytes)


#1 This is a fascinatingly irregular piece from the face of the Wall, complimented by a hint of red paint. Mounted on an 8" x 6" walnut base.

#2  One of the most defined shapes of a piece of a letter from the famous graffiti, perhaps this is the top of the "C" from the wording "Love is thicker than concrete." Tiny splashes of red, yellow and green. Mounted on an 8" x 6" walnut base.

BerlinWall3.jpg (72149 bytes) BerlinWall4.jpg (72119 bytes)
#3 is a huge chunk! With paint from the wording, "Love is thicker than concrete." It may be too large for this size base--I can mount it on this or a larger base as you wish.

#4  This interesting piece has black paint with a hint of maroon, one of the last remaining pieces with black paint. Mounted on an 8" x 6" walnut base.

BerlinWall5.jpg (51141 bytes) BerlinWall6.jpg (64441 bytes)
#5  This is one of my personal favorites and indeed has been on display ever since 1989.  This is a wedge-shaped piece with very square edges. Mounted on an 8" x 6" walnut base.
#6  Like #3, this is a huge chunk, perhaps too big for this size base.  The white paint looks like part of a letter.  A bit of green paint compliments the white fragment of lettering.
I can mount it on this on a larger base as you wish.
squareface2.jpg (1130541 bytes) redangle.jpg (1430087 bytes)
#7  A very angular and large piece, with streaks of faded black paint. There is a sharp corner at the top; this piece of Wall was from the edge. Mounted on an 8" x 6" walnut base.
#8  Very angular piece with a line of red from the famous graffiti. Measures 4" x 3-1/4"- Very nice. Mounted on an 8" x 6" walnut base.

w-piece.jpg (302270 bytes) arrow2.jpg (1026576 bytes)

#9  This is an interesting piece, shaped sort of like the letter "w" or a stylized dog or cow. It's rather flat and looks very nice. No graffiti but a very weathered appearance.
Mounted on an 8" x 6" walnut base.

#10  A very nice piece from the interior of the Wall. Mounted on an 8" x 6" walnut base.

Wall-RedDrops.jpg (1239360 bytes)

Wall-BigO.jpg (2854693 bytes)

#11  They are of course just drops of red paint, but perhaps they symbolize the tears or shed blood in the struggle for freedom. Another of my personal favorites. Mounted on an 8" x 6" walnut base.

#12  This is a very large, heavy and rugged piece with perhaps the top of the letter 'O,' 'E,' or 'C' from the graffiti. Mounted on an 8" x 6" walnut base.

                         Massive Pieces of the Berlin Wall
                            These pieces are offered un-mounted, and we can discuss the best way to feature
                            them for your collection, exhibit or display. They can be mounted on large walnut
                           bases like the smaller pieces or in many other ways.

special-piece.jpg (421256 bytes) blkface.jpg (657440 bytes)
#13  This is a very special piece in size, color and shape. Colorful with white and blue graffiti. Could be mounted in many ways. Almost 6" tall x 4.5" wide x 3.5" thick.
#14  A stunning and heavy piece measuring a full 9" x 6", you'll appreciate the significance and mass of this relic. Faded black paint.
letterpiece.jpg (449237 bytes) tippiece.jpg (1042756 bytes)
#15  This is a very large piece, and one of the most defined shapes of a piece of a letter from the famous graffiti, perhaps this is the top of the "O" from the word "Love" in the graffiti: "Love is thicker than concrete."  White paint with tiny splashes of red and black. This can be mounted in many ways.
#16  This impressive 9" x 7" piece has considerable paint from the famous graffiti. The pieces we removed from the Wall had the words "Love is thicker than concrete" painted in white.
anglepiece.jpg (513104 bytes) clawfoot.jpg (1429659 bytes)
#17  Battered black paint and a tiny dot of red accents this large angular piece.  8-1/2" x 7".
#18  An almost whimsical shape, which I have dubbed the "clawfoot piece". 6-1/2" x 5-1/2" Truly art, sculpture and message in one.
tallred2d.jpg (912055 bytes)   tallredpair2.jpg (1052844 bytes) tallredpair.jpg (1538276 bytes) tallred1.jpg (479283 bytes) 
#19  This giant triangular piece measuring an incredible 7" x 5" will compliment sculpture or artwork in a gallery or exhibit. Drops of red paint perhaps symbolize the blood shed by the victims of the Wall, and contrast with the bloodless way the Wall crumbled. A faint hint of black paint at the top. The second photo is of the pair of similar artifacts.
Set of #19 & #20 $9,000


#20  This giant triangular piece measures 8" x 6" and has meaningful drops of red graffiti paint, as well as some black and even a hint of purple. The camera flash flattened this piece in appearance, it appears a bit more triangular in natural light. This piece and it's matching piece make an impressive pair; sharing great similarity in size, shape and color.
Set of #19 & #20 $9,000
TrapezoidWall.jpg (778620 bytes)
#21  This is a very angular "trapezoidal"-shaped piece--perhaps symbolizing the shape of a section of the Wall as seen from the ground.  The piece is very thin for versatility in mounting or framing. White graffiti paint mostly covers the surface. About 5.5" x 5.5" x 2.5" thick.

          The Ultimate Berlin Wall Artifacts
                             For serious collectors who want the most unique, largest pieces
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Museum Size Berlin Wall For Sale (Click for larger image)
The Largest Museum Piece of the Berlin Wall.
An incredible 17" x 13" in size, and about 6" at it's thickest point, this rugged and imposing piece is ideal for galleries, museums, exhibits, corporate displays or private collections. Faded and battered black paint lends an aura of solitude and strength to this massive and heavy piece. It's sheer bulk symbolizes the size and historical impact of the Wall.
The Museum Masterpiece Berlin Wall Artifact. 
A unique blend of colors from the famous graffiti make
this rugged piece truly unique.

This extraordinarily large historical artifact measures about 9-1/2" tall, 8-1/2" wide, and 3" thick. (about 24cm x 22cm x 8 cm), and weighs about 10 pounds.  Whether for dramatic display in your corporate headquarters or building lobby, a private collection, as the highlight of a historic display or art gallery, or as an investment; this artifact ranks with original, historic art and sculpture for the interest it will attract.  This piece is totally unique and symbolic!  There is nothing else like this artifact in the world!
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Additional Details

                            E-mail for more information and photos
Refer to the item number(s) for all inquiries

These huge pieces of the Berlin Wall are among the most imposing and distinctive in my collection.  Mounted pieces are on 8" by 6" (or larger) walnut bases. They make superior awards, presentation pieces, display items, or a special centerpiece to your art and sculpture collection.
Priced according to size, color and appearance. Shipping additional.
Pieces without graffiti paint available for less.

Paypal and Credit Cards Accepted

Brass Plaque on Berlin Wall - 1961-1989
Solid Brass Engraved Plaque on all Pieces Reads:
Berlin Wall  1961-1989

Berlin Wall for Sale - Certificate of Authenticity
Each Piece of Berlin Wall Comes With A Certificate of Authenticity

Celebrate the victory of freedom over Communist tyranny with a genuine piece of Berlin Wall, mounted on a walnut plaque with a brass nameplate and a numbered certificate of authenticity.  Give a gift which will be treasured  for life--Berlin Wall makes a great gift for any occasion including Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate recognition, or that special 'thank you'!  Businesses will find this a truly special gift for clients and suppliers as well as for exhibit on desks and in reception rooms. The Berlin Wall is also the special gift for anyone who served in the Armed Forces during the Cold War.

  Paypal/Credit Cards accepted (extra charges apply)

  Contact today to order!  

The potent symbol of Communist tyranny became the site of celebration on November 9, 1989, as the wall opened for the first time since 1961.  Freedom wins!  Now you can own a piece of true history -- the Berlin Wall.

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