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The Berlin Wall Freedom Expedition Photo Gallery
November 9, 2019 -- the 28th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

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On November 9, 1989, four adventurous Americans, Art, Mark, Paul and Terri, watched the live television coverage with excitement as East Germans rose up and crossed the Berlin Wall, which had split Germany in two for almost three decades.  The mighty Communist dictatorship crumbled without a shot and today millions of former Communist slaves are enjoying a new life of freedom.  Days later these adventurers boarded a Pan Am flight for Berlin and joined the celebration at the Wall as well as marched for freedom with hundreds of thousands of East Germans in the city of Leipzig.  The Communists imprisoned the bodies but not the spirits of their citizens, as their immediate embrace of freedom proved so well.

In the spirit of free enterprise, the team helped smash down the Berlin Wall, and returned to America with half a ton of Wall, where it quickly became a hot gift item as well as the ultimate collectors item in commemorating man's struggle for freedom.

Here are a few scenes from the adventure.

Smashing, Packing and Bringing the Berlin Wall to America

Art smashing down the Berlin Wall

The team overloaded a rented VW wagon with Berlin Wall

Paul and Terri armed to open walls.
We packed axes, sledgehammers, crowbars chisels and hammers. (Try doing that today!)

Terri bags pieces of the Wall

The car bottoms out from the Wall

Paul unloading the car

Officials at the Berlin Airport were grateful to see the Wall removed!

Terri and Mark check-in the Wall at the Pan Am counter at Berlin Airport

The sacks of Wall arrived intact at Washington Dulles Airport, and baggage handlers inquired what made the sacks so heavy.  U.S. Customs let the shipment through after determining there were no rules concerning importing Soviet-era cement.

This extraordinarily large and stunning historical artifact arrived home to great relief in original condition.

The Peace Symbol being carefully removed from the wall.  The graffiti accompanying the peace symbol on the wall reads "Love Is Thicker Than Concrete."

Boarding Passes for Return Flight

1,448 DM Excess Baggage Charge!

Some of the Baggage Tags!

Berlin Wall Baggage Sticker

Scenes of the Dramatic Changes at the Berlin Wall

All ages delighted in destroying the symbol of tyranny


These kids were part of a fantastic change in history

"Late Night" at the Wall! We sent David Letterman a photo of this part of the wall!

Cars and people streamed through the new openings in the Wall all day and night.  You could feel the excitement as East Germans could travel freely and visit the once forbidden West.

Crowds often gathered and were excited at the end of Communist tyranny. It was very festive at the Wall and people were eager to talk and share their feelings.  Some would stop and help us smash the wall or borrow our tools to get their own collectors item.

East German guard enjoys his new life of respecting human rights

Mark meets an East German Wall Guard

The famous "Checkpoint Charlie" at the Berlin Wall, as seen in spy and historical movies
The famous "Checkpoint Charlie" crossing point to East Berlin.  You've seen it in the movies.  The U.S. side was just a shack but the Soviet side (see the blaze of lights) meant business.

East German Guards on top of the Wall

Sign at Checkpoint Charlie: You are leaving the American Sector.  We added the bumper sticker at the bottom: Victory Over Communism

Close-up of the historic Victory Over Communism bumper sticker at Checkpoint Charlie

Bullets, land mines, dogs and troops imprisoned East Germans behind this strip of death but never crushed their hopes to someday become free

The death strip operated 24 hours a day.
Note the perfect white paint on the Soviet side of the Wall--to spot escapees against.

Downtown East Berlin had modern buildings but was rather sterile and lifeless

Many huge Soviet-style apartment buildings throughout East Berlin

Memorial at the Berlin Wall to the many who were killed attempting to escape to freedom

Close-up of the memorial, which is along the River Spree, near the Reichstag (Parliament) building.

We put this bumper sticker on the Wall at the Brandenburg Gate to make it official!

Close-up: "Victory over Communism" bumper sticker from Young Americans for Freedom (www.yaf.com

The Leipzig Freedom March

We joined hundreds of thousands of people in an incredible march demanding freedom in Leipzig. Government troops with water-cannon trucks watched from a distance but did not attempt to stop the march.

Marching for freedom in Leipzig East Germany
The march ended at the "Stazi" (secret police) headquarters.  Paul is in the center. 

Very thick coal smoke ("London fog") during march. A local resident in the march said "Is smoky day" as if the smog was an everyday occurrence.

The emotion and the interest in the future was something you could feel in everyone.

Candle-light vigil outside Stazi headquarters

Lighting candles in Leipzig.
Sash reads "Nues Forum" (New Forum).

Neues Forum - a freedom movement in East Germany in 1989
New Forum (a freedom movement) banner.
The messages demanding freedom and human rights seen at this rally could have cost everyone's lives just weeks before.

Freedom march in Leipzig, East Germany
Messages of freedom in Leipzig.
A popular sight was East German flags with the Communist symbol in the center cut out, leaving a hole in the middle.

The Berlin Wall's Day is Done, the Sun Rises on Freedom

The Brandenburg gate and the Berlin Wall
The Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall

Presenting The Berlin Wall to Vice President Dan Quayle

Were you in Berlin, East Germany, other Eastern European countries, or the Soviet Union in 1989-1991 at the time the Communist dictatorships fell?
Post your stories and observations during this exciting and historic period!

High-resolution images or photograph prints of these and additional photos of this historic occasion are available for purchase.

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