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Own a Piece of History
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The 27th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall -- November 9, 2019
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Small Pieces $85.00
Medium Pieces $$250
Executive Size Pieces $1000.00 and up
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(slight extra charge applies)

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The Berlin Wall Makes an Excellent Gift!

Prints and high-resolution scans of photos in the photo gallery are available for purchase.

Celebrate the victory of freedom over Communist tyranny with a genuine piece of Berlin Wall, mounted on a walnut plaque with a brass nameplate and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Give a gift which will be treasured  for life--Berlin Wall makes a great gift for any occasion including Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate recognition, or for that special 'thank you'!

Businesses will find this a truly special gift for clients and suppliers as well as for exhibit on desks and in reception rooms.  The Wall makes an excellent achievement award, recognition item, corporate gift, presentation prize, etc. Reward the person who "broke down barriers." Custom mounting or specially inscribed nameplates are available. For a special presentation, the founder of this website is available to speak to your group about his experiences at the Berlin Wall, and how they relate to your industry, event or award.

Berlin Wall Mounted on a Walnut Plaque with a Brass Name Plate
The Ultimate Historic Collectors Item and Gift

Brass Plaque on Berlin Wall - 1961-1989
Solid Brass Engraved Name Plate on all Pieces Reads:
BERLIN WALL  1961-1989

Berlin Wall Makes a Great Historic Gift
Standard Size Berlin Wall
Approximately 2" to 3" by 1" to 2" piece of the Wall,
Mounted on a 5" by 3-3/4" walnut base.
Wall pieces vary in size and shape--no two pieces are the same! Some are from the face of the wall, with or without paint, others from the interior. Single or double pieces.
$95.00 + $9.00 shipping in USA.
Contact for shipping costs to other countries.
Paypal accepted

Mid-sized pieces: $250 and up.
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Large Display Size Pieces of Berlin Wall for Sale
Executive Size Berlin Wall
Approximately 4" by 3" piece of the Wall,
Mounted on an 8" by 6" walnut base
Priced depending on size and appearance, plus shipping.

Look: Details and Photos of the Large Pieces:
Large pieces are available

Mid-sized pieces: $250 and up.

Paypal accepted

E-mail for more information how to order

These pieces of the Berlin Wall were taken from the wall on Leipziger Strasse at Potsdamer Platz, about halfway between the Brandenburg Gate and "Checkpoint Charlie" (Friedrichstrasse). Potsdamer Platz was one of the busiest areas in pre-War Berlin.  The famous graffiti on some of these pieces said in large lettering: "Love is thicker than concrete"

Berlin Wall for Sale - Certificate of Authenticity
Each Piece of Berlin Wall Comes With A Certificate of Authenticity

E-mail for more information and photos

The Museum-Sized Berlin Wall

Museum Size Berlin Wall For Sale (Click for larger image)
(larger photo)

This extraordinarily large historical artifact measures about 9-1/2" tall, 8-1/2" wide, and 3" thick. (about 24cm x 22cm x 8 cm), and weighs about 10 pounds. 
Whether for dramatic display in your corporate headquarters or building lobby, a private collection, as the highlight of a historic display or art gallery, or as an investment; this artifact ranks with original, historic art and sculpture for the interest it will attract.  This piece is totally unique and symbolic!  There is nothing else like this artifact in the world!

The Berlin Wall is a remarkable piece of history that symbolizes not only the era of Soviet tyranny but also the extraordinary, bloodless collapse of Communism which brought freedom to millions.

You will find people inspect and touch pieces of the Wall in the same way people admire and touch moon rock at museums--it's very emotional for some people.  Of all the artwork in history, none conveys a message as powerfully or as simply as does a piece of the Berlin Wall.

 The remaining Wall was crushed and used in rebuilding the city, and there may be no other pieces of the wall of this size and importance which have survived outside of museums.  I invite you to consider this remarkable artifact for your collection or display.

The price is U.S. $26,000.

E-mail for more information and photos

The potent symbol of Communist tyranny became the site of celebration on November 9, 1989, as the wall opened for the first time since 1961. Freedom wins!  Now you can own a piece of true history -- the Berlin Wall.

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