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The Berlin Wall - Buy a piece of history and view photos of the historic opening of the Berlin Wall. Read the journal of the expedition.

Official Website of The Berlin Wall Freedom Expedition, November, 1989.
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The 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall is November 9. 2019

Available: ENTIRE SECTIONS of the Berlin Wall
These are the complete 12' (4m) tall sections
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The Berlin Wall Border Sign is Available for Sale

30th Anniversary News Coverage:
WHK Radio
(MP3, show starts halfway through)| Epoch Times Newspaper | Dove TV/Radio (Youtube video)

20th Anniversary News Coverage:
WTOP News Radio
(MP3) | L'Unita (Italian Newspaper) | NOS Dutch Radio | Young Germany/Deutschland Magazine

The potent symbol of Communist tyranny became the site of celebration on November 9, 1989, as the wall opened for the first time since 1961.
Freedom wins!  View the photos of this historic occasion as witnessed by four American adventurers who joined East Germans in their introduction to freedom and who helped tear down the Wall.  Read the adventures of The Berlin Wall Freedom Expedition.  Post your stories from this historic period.  Buy a piece of the Berlin Wall as a symbol of the end of the Cold War and the triumph of freedom.

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30th Anniversary News Interview Availability:

For the 30th anniversary year of the Fall of the Wall, media are invited to contact me for an interview. Suggested topics: What lessons does the fall of the Wall have for today's world events? What was it like in Berlin and Leipzig during those exciting & historic times? How did East Germans react to freedom and what did they do when they first crossed the Wall? Any questions about smashing down the Wall (how did you smash down 1000 lbs/500kg of Wall?); transporting it across the ocean, selling it at that time and today; who buys pieces of the Wall and why. Why we went to Berlin. Compare Berlin and the Wall from my first visit in 1975 to the 1989 and later visits. What was it like through the eyes of Americans? Or any topic regarding the Wall, its history, Communism, freedom and society, other adventures behind the Iron Curtain, or you name it!  One who was there can add important color to your story.




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